When Parents Just Know

Routee helps parents or caregivers be informed on the status of their children’s school bus so that they never miss the bus in the morning and don’t waste hours waiting for the bus to arrive in the afternoon. Routee takes the worry out of your kid’s commute.


I’m a Parent

Download the app, add your child’s secure bus code and route number and track the status of your children’s commute. It is easy, it notifies you of delays or early arrivals and takes the worry out of your morning and afternoon routines.


I’m a Driver

Saftey and reliability is what you are all about. This app will effortlessly let you keep your children’s parents in the loop so they don’t call the bus company asking for the status. Plus, you can get rewards from the parents just by downloading the app. Happy kids, happy parents translates to a happy bus driver.

How It Works

The bus driver installs the app, sets the route, plugs in their smartphone and hits GO.
The parents download their app, enters in their secure codes, and gets notifications on
their kid’s bus routes in real time. It is that easy.

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